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Please note:  as a matter of general policy we do not use names linked to quotes on this site as many of our professionals are also parents and are involved in both capacities in ongoing relationships with young people. This seems to us the best way to appropriately preserve privacy. 

Sally is an experienced  professional and parent of three children.  She joined I Matter Training with a concern about her youngest daughter and also with a concern for many families caring for children with additional needs who are presenting with challenging behaviour.   Sally had seen many professionals but she explains that it was as a result of her I Matter Training that she managed to draw her learning together and start to take the action that was needed. Her relationship with her daughter has become more enjoyable and Sally is exploring next steps in her professional role as regards supporting others.

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If I had been introduced to these ideas at an earlier stage in my career I could have been a lot more effective.                                               Family Support Worker

I can see the way that the joined up home-school approach has helped the child and family.  The results and impact are very clear in this child's development and the families confidence  Post adoption social worker

I have enjoyed some new learning, but also the bringing together of information I already knew into a workable model.                    Social worker                 

The parents I have been working with has changed her beliefs about her child's aggressive and defiant behaviours following her understanding of the effects of trauma and counter-will. She no longer responds using red route and is coaching him to do the same. As a result conflict and aggression has reduced.                                   Social worker

I would definitely recommend this training for my colleauges.  .A very useful toolbox for using with families at various stages of their adoption process. It would help grown ups realise that they are the linch pin to the wellbeing of all within the family and give them permission to focus on self instead of always focusing on the challenges the children bring.           

I would also definitely recommend this training for parents  as it provides a good framework and increases awareness providing also a recognition of the influence we all carry in our own attitudes providing time to explore where these are rooted.   Having a structure to the learning has been good, and more real than reading a book as it regularly creates pauses for reflection.       Senior Social Worker

EVERY parent and social worker would benefit from this course. Parent carers are a group of people I would like to get this to. This would be a fantastic opportunity to bring a very isolated group of people together to improve the situation they are in.                      Carer support professional

in my view course is absolutely achieved all the learning outcomes but for me in particular it has really challenged the impact my own attitudes and behaviours have on the well-being of the people around me .I have reflected on how this aspect of who we are significantly impacts on the families living with complex children. I always knew that an understanding of self was important and to review and reflect on our self-awareness is crucial to healthy development but this course has absolutely driven this particular point home .In a very busy work setting which is usually very stressful the danger is to allow self reflection to drop down the priority list .Imatter has just highlighted how important it is to who we are as people and practitioners.            Senior post adoption social worker

IMatter training fits perfectly with my therapeutic training.  It has many areas of commonality with family therapy training, eg helping families to correct relationship dynamics which have gone askew, enabling all family members to be heard, valued & responsible.      Family Therapist 

I am a HLTA but also a parent and foster carer. I work with primary aged children, have 3 teenagers, and foster toddlers! This course has been so valuable for each and every relationship I encounter on a daily basis.       HLTA, Foster Carer

I would highly recommend trying this training.  I took part in this course as both a parent of a complex child with medical and behavioural issues and a professional working in a secondary school.   

As a professional I was taking part in this with a view to helping parents of our students that ring me when they are at their wits end with their child. We learnt about the model of IMATTER and then went on to discuss how we look after ourselves.  We met regularly and this helped being able to talk though some ideas which can either be new to you or recap what you may have already known. The computer part of the course was easy to complete and backed up the meetings with videos. I look forward to becoming a study supporter and taking this further.  

As  a parent it has made me take a step back and look at how my family interact and put little key words into place and become more conscious about sticking to a strategy. The results speak for themselves and I can see improvement in my own child over the weeks I have working with this approach.    It is easy to understand and its something that you can add into your life as its not a 'do this do that when that happens approach'. Instead it gives you the tools you need to look after all the family and their wellbeing and guides you with certain issues so you understand why they are happening.In the B course,

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We carefully gather evidence of the impact of I Matter Training using a variety of formats and will be presenting more here very shortly.

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If I had understood these ideas earlier

I could have been a lot more effective

Family Support Worker



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